Welcome to the Certified, Inc. Family!

We at Certified. Inc. thank you for taking the necessary steps to set your quality products apart from the competition. We will help to ensure trust among your consumers who are all looking for genuine Made in USA Products. First, you will go to madeinusa.net and click the “Request a Quote” button on the main page. Then fill out the necessary form fields about the product(s). Our verification of your claim begins with our Supply Chain Audit. We secure Manufacturing, Service Provider and Vendor Affidavits attesting to the physical parameters wherein manufacturing and services are performed and the Country of Origin from which each raw ingredient or component part of the products is sourced. The Certified, Inc. seals are dynamic, meaning that your Made in USA Certification is validated monthly. The first month payment is included with the initial Audit payment and then you are subject to a monthly compliance fee. Every month you will be notified via email to update any changes to the product’s manufacturing which may have occurred. Simply fill out the form to notify us of any changes or, if there have not been any, simply click “no” and send back the form.