Motivated to take the idea of “ Reclaiming the American Cut Flower Industry” the flower farmers from across the country have teamed up with Made In USA Certified to build a certification program to support and promote domestically grown flowers and foliage. The goal of the Certified American Grown Flowers program is to develop a brand recognized by flower lovers that pays tribute to their domestic origins as well as the high quality, freshness and consistency of homegrown blooms.


Certified American Grown assures the consumer of:


Flowers and foliage are grown in the U.S. by American farmers.


All ingredients in mixed bouquets are 100% grown AND assembled in the U.S.. If you are a flower farmer that would like to become Certified American Grown for your flowers or greens, this program is for you!

Join your fellow flower and greens farmers to help consumers source more locally grown blooms. Follow the links above to sign up.

The American Grown Certification provides and opportunity for America's flowers and greens farmers, retailers, designers and wholesalers to unite under one common message, “Take Pride In Your Flowers.”

Media inquiries, general questions and promotional opportunities should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..