The Non-GMO Project’s Standard aims to verify that systems are in place for:


Testing: Meaningful, ongoing testing of high GMO risk inputs.

Traceability: Supply chain traceability, especially following input testing.

Segregation: Protecting compliant inputs from contamination by non-compliant inputs.

Formulation: Obtaining inputs in accordance with uniform and meaningful specifications.

Labeling: Accurate and clear product labeling.

Quality assurance: Maintaining operational consistency and addressing non-conformities promptly.




Verity App and the Non-GMO Project


Non-GMO products will be listen in our website to give the consumer product transparency.

With a quick scan using the Verity App a consumer will be able to access product information right on their smart device.

Certified Inc. is building a complete product database so consumers can see how products obtain seals such as the Non-GMO Project.