Bill Clinton, The 42nd President of the United States

To help us make an American choice, on these and other issues, a Florida company, Made in USA Certified verifies companie's claims that the materials and manufacturing are domestic.

EarthWise Group

In a competitive environment, Made In USA Certified is another opportunity for differentiation, it's also one of our most popular marketing initiatives and is one of the key reasons the EarthWise Group had sales growth of 37% over the last Two years.

Hanky Panky

Often, if you check a label inside a t-shirt that has an American flag pictured on the front, you'll find that the shirt was Made in China!   It's not always China—it could be Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Honduras—anywhere but the United States.  This is an irony that is emblematic of the enormous shift in emphasis away from manufacture in this country over the last few decades.   The apparel industry began to defect a few decades ago to save on labor costs—who could blame them, you say?    In fact, there are many advantages to keeping production local, and many of those who left for foreign production have probably experienced enough problems lately to have given some thought these days to those benefits.

Jones Natural Chews

We are genuinely 'Made in USA'.  There are so many people out there that just stick a flag on their packaging and it doesn't mean anything.  Made in USA Certification sets us apart from all those other generic labels and that is why it is important to us.