Finally answering the important question: Where does your food come from?

Certified Inc. is the nation’s leading certification company for products manufactured or produced in the United States. Certified Inc. has been quantifying and qualifying goods in regard to country of origin for the past several years. To complement this process and provide better transparency to consumers, the Augmented Reality Visual Search Engine named Augi™ was created. This unique data provider of truth has been tucked into a smart phone app called VERITY™ whose very definition IS “Truth”. By using VERITY™, shoppers can now use their smart devices to access an extensive array of verified and certified information about products they are considering, or have already purchased. VERITY™ uses Bar/QRcode, OCR, image recognition. This complete system continuously analyzes millions of products with seamless transition between product packaging and barcodes… all within a live camera view. Additionally, VERITY™ utilizes continuous Scan, OCR and Geospatial technology developed by Alphabet (Google Goggles) and IBMs’ (AI) Watson.


This technology is employed to identify and analyze products in real-time while collecting, indexing and storing relative information on consumer shopping habits. Once a product is scanned or searched, it offers detailed information to the consumer that could encourage a smart purchase. For example, where was it made or produced? Is this product truly a Non-GMO product? Is it truly organic? What third party certifications has it earned, or who verified the product? What and where is the documentation to back up the certification? Are the certifications current? Buy Local? Just as important, manufacturers/producers can have detailed data in real time on exactly WHO is shopping, and for WHAT products, and WHERE they are shopping… information that can make marketing far more cost effective, while also specifically identifying consumer shopping priorities.

CERTIFIED’s technology enhances the consumer shopping experience by using visual identification technology for search and discovery of products in the retail environment much like their experience online. Retailers and manufacturers benefit by acquiring customer preference data BEFORE the sale which we call Point of Decision (POD). This enables the opportunity to influence the sale with information, discounts, competitive products, and suggested add-ons to improve the customer experience… just like online cross marketing. Augi™ was initially built to specifically recognize CERTIFIED’s unique Seals as well as the individual objects in smartphone views. However, with VERITY™, the technology was expanded to support Bar/QRcode recognition on mobile devices for a more universal application worldwide.

VERITY™ 2.0 in (BETA) and Project VERIFY have the capability to track a fisherman’s catch, or a farmer’s harvest straight to your table! This cutting-edge technological advancement is the direct replacement for the invalidated U.S. Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL) system for beef, pork and chicken. VERITY™ will notify you via App, Email or Text if there’s been a product recall. For manufacturers and producers, providing consumers complete transparency about their products builds brand loyalty and trust, and potentially increase sales. There are millions of farms that could track and trace all their products from farm to table and hundreds of millions of other products whose information VERITY™ will place at consumers’ fingertips. For more information on how to leverage this new technology call or e
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Name of App is Verity Scanning