Certified Inc. was born providing "Transparency and Validation" of the Made in and Product of USA Claims, our evolution is now providing transparency for all different types of claims. Certified Inc, is your one source for verification of: ORGANIC, NON-GMO, HALAL, KOSHER, LOCAL, VEGAN, Fresh From Florida, American Grown Flowers, U.S. BEEF, CANADIAN Beef, Fish Species Validation, and more...... 

Starting with the, “Made in USA” claims, which are associated with manufactured goods, such as turbine pumps, windows and doors; “Product of USA” claims, concerning consumable and/or ingestible goods, an example Orange Juice; “Grown in USA” claims, associated with items such as flowers, plants, nuts, produce, fish, poultry; “Service In USA” claims, exemplified by the services performed at a call center, located exclusively within the USA and/or Its Territories and "U.S. LABOR FORCE" claims, which are used to identify a product, yet all labor strictly associated with the assembly of the product is performed exclusively within the USA. 

In the interest of transparency and most importantly providing the consumer with the most accurate information every "MADE IN" country claim is quanitified and qualified in a clear percentage +/- 3.5% amount of domestic content present and is clearly displayed on our Seals.