Project Description


The Generally Accepted Marketing Examination Standards (GAMES) are the principles we use for verifying marketing claims made by companies, whether country of origin or efficacy statements.

GAMES are minimum practices for verifying claims and they addresses three categories:

    • General practices

    • Standards for verification

    • Standards for analysis and reporting

Keep in mind that the GAMES are the minimum standards we use for verifying marketing claims made by companies.

There are times when an in-depth verification process is required. In these instances laboratory analysis, or site audits may be necessary, which means our work extends beyond GAMES in order to appropriately certify a given claim. We exercise extreme care in establishing and adhering to all pre-established standards of investigation.



General standards: The first three GAMES are general standards for qualifications to verify and minimum standards for the work:

    1. As a verifier, you have adequate training, proficiency and necessary professional accreditation

    2. Objective and independent in assessments, analysis, facts, and appearance

    3. We exercise due professional care in performing our verification tasks.

Standards of audit work: The next three GAMES govern how we complete each assignment:

    1. We plan our certification tasks meticulously, ensuring that we properly support and supervise our associates.

    2. We gain an understanding of the client and their business environment, including mission, vision, and values; we assess marketing strategies and claims to align with and execute Certified™ verification.

    3. The evidence we gather during the verification is appropriate and sufficient to evaluate management’s assertions on marketing claims.

Standards of reporting: The last four established standards concern information we consider before issuing a certification:

When legal definitions and laboratory analysis are required, we use Generally Accepted Marketing and Certification Standards (GAMCS™) and build the platform for transparency using documented scientific evidence. Consistently applying GAMES and GAMCS ensures that our analysis and reporting procedures are fair, accurate and evidence-based. Should an anomaly arise that prevents us from issuing a certification for a product or service, we report discrepancies to management and develop a plan to provide the needed documentation.

We ensure that disclosures include any additional information required to explain the marketing claim’s certification. Lastly, our verification ensures marketing claims are presented fairly in all communications, and that they align with the mission, vision, and values of the companies we represent.